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Hexo was originally created and maintained by Tommy Chen in 2012. Since then, it has helped thousands of people to build their dream website/blog.

Join us

We are the passionate people behind the Hexo. If you would like to join Hexo, you should have at least one approved PR. If you have already contributed to Hexo, simply shot out an issue in any Hexo repos.

If you have any question regarding joining Hexo, feel free to contact the maintainer Abner Chou or simply create an issue to ask.


Don’t know where to start? Pick up any item in Hexo Roadmap, and start from there. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, we are glad to help.



First of all, many people have asked about donation, so here it is!

Second, in all good conscience, most of the visible costs (like the domain fees) are already covered by us. We also spend tremendous time to keep Hexo running and functioning. This is the real cost and also invisible.


We are grateful for every penny donated, here is a list of benefits you and us can achieve:

  1. Cover our cost.
  2. Motivate and acknowledge our work.
  3. List your name on Hexo.io website (2.5k users and 10k pageviews per day!).

There are two tiers of donation:

  • Less than $100, your name and website link will be on the donor list.
  • More than $100, your name, icon, and website link will be on the home page for at least one month (depending on the amount).

Again, thanks for your support!